We don't cut corners, we clean them
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They do a better job because
they earn a better rate.

Our People

A huge emphasis is placed on how we select our cleaning operatives as they not only represent our brand values but also need to satisfy your needs. Our interview process is rigorous. On average only 20% of people manage to pass the initial interview and after training we regularly evaluate performance.

People in the cleaning industry don’t get paid much. So they aren’t motivated. So they do a poor job. And eventually the cleaning company loses the cleaning contract.

That’s the traditional model. To us it doesn’t make a lot of sense. We do it like this…

»We incentivise our staff: do a better job, get a better wage.

»We also train them. And have annual awards to show we appreciate them.

»This means they stay with us longer.

»So they become experts, doing the job better and faster.

»Which keeps costs down and productivity up.

»Incentivising staff equals happy customers.


Good people are the secret of our success so we are always looking for great cleaners.

If you’re interested in joining Cleaning Ventures and becoming one of our people, please send us an email.

If there are no positions currently open we will keep your details on record for consideration of future opportunities.