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Introducing a different type
of cleaning company.

Not happy with the cleaning company you use now?

A lot of our rivals have poorly paid, badly trained staff that aren’t interested in providing a decent service. And why should they be? They have no incentive to do so.

Cleaning Ventures takes a different approach. We train all our staff, pay them a higher than average wage and offer bonuses to all those that meet their targets. The difference this makes is easy to see: bathrooms sparkle, kitchens shine and reception areas always give the right impression. As well as high-quality staff we also invest in high-quality products and equipment.

It’s no use having good people if what they use is second-rate.

This all sounds great but it also sounds expensive? Not in the least.

Admittedly, there are companies that charge less than we do. However, in our opinion they charge less because they deliver less. We know we deliver an excellent service at a fair price. If you’re not happy with the cleaning company you use now it’s a good job you’ve found us.

Why not give us a ring, we’d be pleased to visit your premises to conduct an audit and explain why we can offer you a better and efficient commercial cleaning service.

Pete Bridge-Collyns. Director

A green company

We want your conscience to be as clean as your office so we use as many green, recycled and ethically sourced products as possible.

The 5 main cleaning products we use are chosen because they are accredited with the UK Ecolabel. The products are plant based, food prep safe and work effectively across all sectors.

In all areas of our business we are looking to make sure we are as green as we can be, working in partnership with those who follow this ethos and encouraging our clients to do the same.

The consumables we offer are also carefully considered too. We supply all the essentials: hand towels, toilet rolls, soaps, air fresheners and dishwasher supplies. All sourced to be eco-friendly.